Product Configurator – Doors

Door Configurator

In our restricted door configuration section you can configure the landing doors and the car doors and manage all the floors. Have a look at the functions we offer.

Produktkonfigurator Türen LIWETEC GmbH

The Door Configurator module allows you to manage the both landing doors and car doors of your elevator. It offers a clear graphical Interface for adding floors and corresponding doors. To guarantee a nice view this module is divided into three parts.

Door sides and general settings

This tab allows you to change the total height of the shaft, the shaft pit and the shaft head. Also it gives you the possibility to add and remove the doors on a specific side.

Shaft overview

You can work on an profile of the shaft to add and change the settings of a specific floor or its position.


The doors tab allows you to change the settings of both the shaft doors and the car doors. You can import doors out of a database, if you can’t find the door you are searching for you can also add your own custom doors to the database. As a consequence you can also use those doors in any other floors and even in new projects. Addidional features allow you to change multiple doors at once easily, copy existing doors and their values to other doors and different shaft sides and provide you an individual image of all the surrounding spacings to fit in the door into a floor exactly.

Validation Systems

While changing any settings in the configurator they will be checked by various control structures and validation systems to provide a realization without any problems. Those mechanisms are catching most of the possibly occurring problems and suggest some solutions.

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