Input of rope life data

Clicking on the “Rope service life” button takes you to the cable service life calculation module.

The calculation of the rope service life with the limiting number of bending cycles NA10 delivers results after which at least 10% of the ropes are ready for discard with a probability of 95%.

The results determined are based on the entries made and are only estimates. The responsibility for the design of the elevator system and compliance with all technical regulations lies solely with the designer of the system.

The service life of elevator ropes is calculated using the FEYRER wire ropes 3rd edition number

Overview Rope Data

Attention: The rope data are not entered here and therefore cannot be changed here! They appear only for information and are displayed from the data of the rope calculation.

Input Lift Type

The following types of use can be selected:

  • residential building
  • office building
  • goods lift

The type of use has an effect on the number of trips (in %) for the most frequently used rope area (TMURS).

Trips per year

Trips per year is used in calculating the lifespan in years for NA10.

Car loading

The car load is the proportion of the nominal load on average (in %).

Input Guidance

You can choose the following for the car guidance:

  • Roller guide ( 5% additional load )
  • Slide guide ( 10% additional load )

Number of Pulleys

The number of rope pulleys with the equal and reversed bending are taken from the rope calculation and therefore can´t be changed here.

Bending Length

The bending length can be entered freely or via the “Estimate bending length” button calculated approximately by the portal.
l = H / (1 + 2 x n)
with H = lifting height and n = total number of pulleys in the system ( see rope dialog ).

Rope Twist Angle

Fleet Angle


The results obtained with the help of the Palmgren-Miner rule ( PMR ) are the tolerable sequences of a rope drive.

Save of the Rope Lifetime Calculation

By selecting the button , the dialog is ended and the entered values ​​ are accepted in the order. A complete overview of the data that has already been entered now appears. If you now click on the tab “Rope Lifetime” , the calculation with the results will appear: