With today’s update, the latest version of our elevator portal is available to you.

The layout in the calculations and the elevator description or checklist for inspectors has become clearer and more modern. The compressed display offers more data at a glance and has become more user-friendly thanks to visual effects in the calculation.

System data, technical calculations of car, ropes, rollers, buffers, counterweight, doors, shaft, drive, etc., as well as the acceptance report are recorded more quickly and in a more structured manner.

In the overview of calculation results, the representation of correct / incorrect has become clearer, since errors are indicated immediately by a marking. At the same time, incorrect values ​​appear clearly in red letters. Subsequent corrections can thus be excluded.

The order overview and the associated PDF document have also been improved so that the data can be digitally exported in machine-readable files via an XML interface. This is an immense win for order submission. Less bureaucracy and faster processing are beneficial for everyone, for clients, contractors and test centers.