Beams calculation – New info button

Blue information button

For standard profiles, you can display details for this profile by clicking on Trägerberechnung Blaues Ausrufezeichnen Neu. All details will be displayed in a new browser window.

Red pencil

If you would like to add a profile manually, first select “User defined” under profile and then click on Trägerberechnung Roter Stift.

Red cross

In addition, there is a new delete icon. If you would like to delete a carrier or a force just click on Trägerberechnung Button löschen Neu.

Beams calculation – new design for the forces input

The entry of forces has been simplified and made clearer. The following symbols have been introduced:

Trägerberechnung Button Kräfte Fahrkorbseite ≅ Forces car side

Trägerberechnung Button Kräfte Gegengewicht ≅ Forces counterweight side

Trägerberechnung Button Kräfte Träger ≅ Forces beams

A detailed description can be found in the help file “Beams” – tab “Forces”.