Stopping Distance Calculation


EN 81 A3 / Stopping distance calculation:

In EN 81 Appendix A 3, the calculation of the stopping distance is required, both downwards and upwards.
Here, each of the following phases are considered:

A: Initial situation (end of the door zone)
B: Reaction time of the monitoring device and the magnet coil
C: Reaction pathway of speed limiters and safety gear
D: Braking distance of the safety gear
E: Braking distance.

It shall be demonstrated by calculation during commissioning that the maximum stopping distance corresponding to the required values ​​of the standard. This proof must be provided separately for both directions.

The stopping distance calculation is available both on our website under “Calculations” and for mobile application on the mobile phone.


Enter all the necessary data for the calculation, such as door zone, Reaction time monitoring device, the Reaction pathway of the speed limiter, the catch Reaction pathway, the gravitational acceleration, braking deceleration, the design of the braking force, the minimum door opening height, the mass of the counterweight, the rope and the car, and the length of the apron in mm.


It will appear first, the results of the general data. Below the general information you will see the results for the stopping distance down in the respective phases. The results will also be illustrated by the two graphs. Results that are not in compliance with standards, are indicated by red text and an exclamation mark.

Stopping Distance Calculation
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