Safety Gear Calculation

In our access-limited Safety Gear Calculation section you find an overview of all components which (can be) used i. e. in the Safety Gear Calculation module.


The safety gear tool offers you the possibility to select safety gears out of our database or you can define your own safety gear.

Automatic import from other modules

All the data that has already been set in other moduls will be imported autmatically. The data is used as the basement for the Validation of the safety gear. If you want to use different data but not your current order you can remove all the data or just the ones you do not like.

Database and free input

You can select already existing safety gears out of a huge variety of manufacturers resulting in hundreds of datasets. For selecting easily we offer some filters to you which limit the fitting safety gears for you. If you still do not find the product you want to you can simply use the free input and add your own safety gear.


All the data will be validated immediately and checked with the values for your current order. The Results will be shown clearly. If you want to you can include the printing of the safety gear in the computation print.

Safety Gear Calculation LIWETEC GmbH
Safety Gear Calculation LIWETEC GmbH
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